Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Purple-PENELOPE: “Penny” (Then and NOW)


All of our females from the litter were pretty fiesty and Purple was no exception, but she sure had a sweet side and could turn on the charm.


We named her Penelope and we call her Penny And she is doing GREAT! she is so cuddly, which we love She does have a lot of energy but thats good because it keeps us running. After we take her running she calms down and just wants to cuddle with anyone that will let her lol. I think Penny looks more like Rusty than ginger.


Training has been going well. She knows a lot but Its hard to get her to do anything without a treat lol. The only thing we are having a hard time with is her fear of EVERYTHING. its a little funny but we want to break her of it. She honestly will run and hide inbetween our legs if there is a bird, or another dog, or a person, or a little toddler... even if there is a large gust of wind she might hide between our legs! And the hair on her back stands up!

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We are diligent about taking her to the dog park a couple times a week and right now she lives with two other little dogs and she is around people ALL the time but she is still having fear issues. It used to be worse because she wouldnt get in water or anything but after she has been at the dog park a while, she will play with the other dogs and want other people to pet her but it gets some easing into. She is very sweet though. She loves to be held like a baby - craddled and rocked (even though she is getting bigger). Brady's brother often puts her on his lap as though she is a baby and rocks her and she just loves it. I have some pictures that are pretty funny that I will send you. hope everything is going well with you! Thanks! take care.

We are so happy that Penny has found such a perfect family fit. And as always we love to hear that they’re getting the love, exercise, and training needed! Thanks Brady and Kiera for being great vizsla parents.


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