Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Dark Blue-BENTLEY (Then and NOW


Dark Blue was our little tender man.  He was definitely more a lover.  He  would go with the flow, and was more sensitive than his brawling brothers…. and word is not much has changed!


Bentley is doing fantastic! I do have him in training with Dave Coop of the Canine College! The only bad thing is he gets car sick so I have to bring extra towels because he does not like to ride in the car!

IMG_0554       IMG_0640

He's as energetic as they come and 38lbs so far! We run him often and he loves to be outside (when the weather is nice) but is totally potty trained and so far we have not had too many problems with chewing. I give him a lot of bones but he gets into the trash often! As they say about Vizsla's he HATES to be alone! Bentley follows me everywhere and sleeps in between us ever night! He is quite the guard dog- but only when we are in our room will he bark if he hears something. He's very quite which is good considering we live on a golf course!



From chasing geese to running in the snow, he's been an excellent puppy so far!

IMG_0657      IMG_0711

And thanks for reaching out! He's been a fantastic addition to the family! We LOVE HIM!!!


Carrie :-)

Training is sooo important to a family/dog dynamic.  And all of our families have done a great job, getting their pups the training they need, and providing them with such an active lifestyle.  Our Vizsla pups have truly been spoiled and we couldn’t be happier that Bentley gets to spend his days with the loving  Rogers family. Thanks for being so good to him!

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