Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Light Blue- OSCAR: “Ozzy” (Then and NOW)

“Ozzy” was our one solid vizsla. The others had some minimal markings.  I guess he just had to be different. Although he sounds like he’s settled in with his family just as well as any of his siblings, and thriving!


Hello from the Roaring Fork Valley!

We are so happy with our pup, Ozzy.  His full name: Oscar Haack but we call him Ozzy. He's brought so much joy into our lives!  We are proud parents, so let’s bring on the bragging …


He’s a smart boy and very eager to please. We started his training right away and he has learned quickly what is expected of him. Crate training, house training, obedience, leash-training (although most of our hikes / runs are off-leash) is continuous and has been very successful.  We have even done a little bird hunting training- his pointing instinct came naturally and was fun to watch!  He loves any mental stimulation which involves running and exercise.  He gets compliments all the time about how handsome and well behaved he is- we are quickly turning the entire Roaring Fork Valley into Vizsla lovers!  It has helped a tremendous amount, with his socialization and consistent training that Joey has been able to take Ozzy to work with him every day.  At work, he’s exposed to a variety of noises and opportunities to meet different people and dogs of all ages every day which has rounded him out into a very likable, well mannered, socialable pup.


We take Ozzy with us pretty much everywhere we go.  If he ever needs to stay home in the daytime, it is never more than a couple hours; he has been crate trained and is content in his "den" until we return.  Ozzy rarely spends very much time alone and he prefers to ride along with us in the car, or accompany us on our hikes- he’s happy as long as he’s with us and we feel the same way!   Aside from the occasional burst of pent-up energy when he hasn’t gotten his daily exercise, which we answer with a trip to the dog park or an outing around the lake near our home, Ozzy is a sweet, sweet boy who loves to cuddle and sleep on his over-sized beanbag in our living room.  Exercise is important to our family for a healthy house and this is true for our Ozzy.  Everything we’ve read about this breed is true; from the “Velcro” description (if we are standing, Ozzy can usually be found sitting between our legs or leaning or sitting against us and if we are lounging on his beanbag he’s right there with us), to their beautiful sensitivity, keen intelligence, and their need for activity!  We couldn’t be happier with our new family member!

House Training: A breeze, he lets us know when he needs to go out.

Vaccinations / Health: He’s completed the last round now along with rabies vaccinations. We have started monthly heart worm meds. No major health worries. We’ve noticed a bit of dry skin so instead of bathing him every week or so we are just wiping him down with a warm cloth.  I know the weekly baths might sound a bit much, but with all the outdoorsy activities he was getting dirty! :) We have had concerns about his weight- every time we have taken him to the vet he’s on the low end of the weight range for his age. We’ve ruled out all possible adverse medical reasons and even had blood work done to test the enzymes produced from his pancreas. The test results came back negative (thank goodness) so along with the Vet, we’re just assuming that he’s got a high metabolism and is burning his energy quickly.

Feeding: we are feeding 1cup of Innova Large Breed Puppy Food 3x/day. Initially we were feeding him Royal Canin Medium Puppy #32, using the schedule on the back of the bag. Our decision to change food came from more research on the ingredients, and his inability to keep weight on. We changed to large breed formula to help regulate his growth rate.


Behavior: We noticed that he’s started to test us just a little… Not too often, but just here and there, he’ll look at us when we ask him to do something, like he’s thinking about it first before he complies which is totally normal at this age!  :) We keep consistent, although it’s hard not to give in to that sweet beautiful face!

Attached are only 4 pictures out of over 300 we've taken since he came home with us. I can't tell you how hard it was to choose between them! Such a dashing and handsome guy, they all look great to us. No no no... we aren't biased at ALL!!  :)

Happy New Year,

Sara & Joey

We are absolutely thrilled with the attention to care that Sara and Joey have given Ozzy.   It gives us such joy to be part of bringing such joy into someone’s life by helping them complete or add to their family.  Vizsla’s truly are amazing loving animals, and it helps to have a family that can so efficiency reciprocate that love.  Ozzy is one loved pup.  Thanks Sara and Joey for the wonderful life you’re giving him!

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