Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Orange- ZOEY (Then and NOW)

Orange could often be found wrestling and tumbling with her biggest brothers. This little lady was SOOOO curious.  She explored every inch of the backyard atleast once.


Hey Ingrid and Jeff,

Well for an update Zoey is doing really well. She curently weighs 25 lbs and seems like all legs. She just got done doing puppy training at petsmart and is now gonna start intermediate training on Tuesday. Zoey loves bein outside where it is warm. She started to go ice fishing with us which she as alot of fun with. She love to just run all over the ice. Next month sometime Zoey will be getting spayed and also a chip put in. I will get another picture of her sent to you soon on how big she has gotten.

Brandon, Becky and Zoey

zoey sanchez

Brandon and Becky like to keep busy and I’m sure little Zoey is great at keeping up.  Thanks for giving Zoey a forever home and including her in on all your little adventures, and letting her do what she does best!

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