Friday, March 9, 2012

Yellow-Chompers (Then and Now)

Who could forget this BIG FELLA?


And believe it or not, but this big guy still holds the title for biggest pup weighing over 40lbs now.

“Yellow (Chompers) is doing well…….He is sleeping fine besides biting my face every morning at 5:30am ;) He has learned to sit and come, we are working on the other commands. We went skeet shooting last weekend and Chompers isn't gun shy at all. Everything is going well.”

Vizsla’s really are great alarm clocks are not afraid to use any measure to get a person out of bed.  Loved the named chompers for him.

We were so happy with shawn as a match for Chompers.  He’s an avid hunter and Chompers was quite the sniffer from day one.  So excited to see some of our pups getting to do what they were bred for BIRD HUNTING.

Chompers is doing well, potty trained, crate trained for sleeping, and has learned a decent amount of commands sit, stay, no, laydown, get it, bring it, drop it, shake, wait, geeeeit(get away), off, up, get in your bed, this way, etc. It's not hunting season yet but he's used to gun noises and I'm training his nose with a pheasant wing.
His health has been good besides a run in with a sharp ice auger a few months back that got him a couple of stiches in his knee and a cone on his head for a week. He has all of his shots and we'll be going in for neutering in the next couple of weeks. He's north of 40 pounds and strong as heck...gave me a black eye the other day with a head butt when we were playing around. All his adult teeth are now in.
I've included pictures of Chompers ice fishing, sleeping funny, coned up from his stiches, running with the wrong crowd (smoking and drinking), and wearing his jacket today since its freezing out.”

photo 1 a couple of the pups have been ice fishing

The funny sleeping is totally like Rusty

photo 4   photo 2

I think that Chompers is Rusty’s clone. Sleeps like him, looks like him, and he’s a big boy just like Rusty. Looking at the size of those paws though I wonder if he’ll pass Rusty up in size.  Rusty tops out at 60 lbs. so I guess we’ll see….

photo 3   photo 5

Excited to see how Chompers does come hunting season.

If you like Chompers’ transformation into doggyhood then check out his LITTLE bros and sisters and their progress.

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