Friday, March 9, 2012

Pink- Alta (Then and Now)

Remember this little lady?


The Fourniers were so great with keeping in touch with how Alta was doing. We really wonder how each of the puppies adjust especially that first week. Every pup transitioned beautifully and Alta was no exception.

“This week has been great getting to know her.  She has been very feisty but also super cuddly.  She has been pretty good with going to the bathroom outside and likes to follow us around everywhere (which is pretty cute).  She loves the dog park near our house and our friends all adore her.  We were able to move her kennel to the living room last night and she slept through the night (yey!).” 

Alta was even quite the spit fire as a little puppy and I think the Fourniers have loved that about her from day one. I think this was a pretty close to perfect match.

We got an adorable Christmas Card from the Fourniers.


I’m amazed they were able to keep the reindeer antlers on her long enough for the picture.  I don’t think we could have accomplished this with Ginger or Rusty as puppies.

Here are a few things they’ve conveyed in recent correspondence.

“Alta is doing very well and is such a cutie pie.  We love to take her hiking and she loves the outdoors.  She is doing well with training and have taken her to a few classes so far.  She can come, sit, and stay.”

So glad that all of our families do a really good job of getting these puppies out and enjoying the outdoors….


We loved this one.  Alta is one of the ones that just looks like such a good mix between Ginger and Rusty.  She’s turned out to be one pretty lady.

Hi Ingrid!
Alta is doing very well.  She got spayed about a month ago and her scar is healing nicely.  We relocated to Lakewood, CO. for Erich's job and Alta is loving the dog park we have down the street.  She has been entertaining us a lot.  We call her our little character because she almost seems human from her facial expressions and how smart she is.  She is sooo fast!  We love watching her run.
Hope you guys are doing well!
Carolyn and Erich



Stay tuned for ‘Then and Now’ spotlights on each of Alta’s brothers and sisters…..

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