Friday, March 9, 2012

Green-Stanley (Then and Now)

This little mister stole hearts….

                       green scrunchy face

And I’m sure nothing has changed for this stud!

I’ve loved the little tid bits Tammy has given us on Stanley’s progress.

“as soon as i get a pic with him and the kids i  will  send it to you.  he really is the best looking sweetest baby ever!  thanks so  much for him!”

he's growing so fast, he looks all bones.  lol  i'm trying to fatten him up but he's gotten so much taller in the last two weeks it's hard to keep up.  he sat for me today too.  we've only been working on it a couple days, but he did it.  the big ones are no bite, off and sit.  lol  baby steps.  he's going to go to puppy training, but I have to wait for a tuesday class to open up”

“i enclosed a pic of him from last night, he brought Lo's hula hoop upstairs”


“the other day he jumped in the bath with my daughter, it was so cute!”

It’s funny looking through the emails I noticed after Tammy sent the pic of Stanley with the Hula Hoop that I had mentioned how much he looked like ginger and the pictures of her as a puppy. Then I see the pictures she sent most recently and he really is a spitting image of Ginger still!

DSCF7394      DSCF7437

I love seeing the pics of the puppies in the kids beds.  They really are such sweeties and really love their families.

he loves to wake them up in the morning by jumping in bed with them.  he likes to help me get them ready for the day.”

We couldn’t be happier with this match for Stanley!

Take a look at Stanley’s brother’s and sister’s spotlights, and the beautiful dogs they’re growing to be.

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