Friday, March 9, 2012

Happy Home….


We were so fortunate to of had the beautiful experience of Ginger and Rusty having their first litter, and grew and learned so much through the process.  Our Vizsla family grew by leaps and bounds.  We were very happy with how Ginger and Rusty handled the puppies leaving the “NEST”.  We had read and heard of some mothers becoming resentful and distancing themselves from the owners.  Ginger however couldn’t have been more understanding.  We were a little worried though when the first puppy left.  Ginger had not noticed (in the commotion and excitement of visitors) That ‘Green’ now known as “Stanley” had left with the family to go to his forever home.  Once Ginger had counted her puppies and found she was one short she searched the perimeter of the backyard and all the in between.  She searched the house high and low for a couple hours. I felt horrible!  I thought we were going to have to call Tammy to bring Stanley back so that she could SEE him leave with them.  She seemed to of given up the search and I figured I would see how she did the next day.  the next day though we had another family picking up their little one.  This time I made sure that Ginger saw them holding one of her puppies and kept drawing attention to it as they left the house, and out to their car.  Infact Ginger followed a few of the families out to their car and jumped right in.  I’m guessing she thought they were all going to the dog park or something.  She didn’t seem at all bothered as each puppy left with their family.  Then ‘Pink’ now named “ALTA”  stayed with us a little over a week after all her siblings had left because her family was out of town.  She became part of the family: she played, cuddled and spent every waking moment with us.  I say waking moment because at night she was in a kennel in our room.  We were worried that Ginger and Rusty would be sad to see their fun little playmate go, and we were worried that we would greatly miss her as well.  Well Alta’s family came and got her straight from their flight back into town.  Ginger and Rusty didn’t bat an eye as she left with her new parents.  I can’t say that we took it as easily for a few days Jeff and I would look to eachother and say “oh I miss Alta”  But it only lasted a few days.  Like I’ve said before 2 Vizslas are enough for us.  With a baby that keeps me on my toes and many more future children I’m sure, it wouldn’t be fair to the dogs or our children to add anymore to the mix.

Life continues in the Harris home to be busy and full of energy between Ginger, Rusty and the continually progressing baby Kalvin.


Here’s a sneak at our lovelies!


We have 2 of the most attractive Vizsla’s I’ve seen. 


And Ginger is just about as sweet as it gets…


If Kalvin is at the table eating have no fear we have the quickest clean up duo in all of Colorado right under our kitchen table.


Ginger can be a little dramatic at times…

IMG_3883      IMG_3573

Who could resist these two…

Well stay tuned. We will be spotlighting each of the puppies in their new homes and touch on all the progress they’ve been making, and you’ll get to see just how cute they continue to be. I’ve been amazed at what wonderful mixes of Ginger and Rusty some of them are, although there are a few mini Ginger’s and Rusty’s in the mix as well.

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