Thursday, April 16, 2015

Annual Red Pup Cuteness!

Who is ready for our ‘Annual Red Pup Cuteness’?! You heard right, in just a few short weeks Ruby and Rusty’s first litter will be here!  We were able to bring our new dam RUBY into our home just as we were saying goodbye to Ginger’s last litter of pups, and she has been a wonderful addition to our family!


We will be getting an x-ray done soon, so that we know exactly how many pups we should be expecting. If you are curious about our breeding style you can browse through the blog and get a feel for us, THIS post goes more into our set up, that includes a HEAVENLY potty platform system that we created (which is a blessing that carries over into the puppies new homes!)  Many of our families have been so happy with the transition of their pups into their homes and the ease of the potty training process (or in many cases the fact that their pups are already potty trained)

We also really stress for our inquiring families to know everything they can about the breed, and have been very fortunate to have responsible families that have done their research and are ready for this commitment.  On the flip side we have had to turn individuals away, and some have through talking with us realized the breed wasn’t going to mesh with certain aspects of their life. It’s always important to know what you’re getting yourself into when making a big life decision and getting a Vizsla is no different!  Sure we love Vizslas and they fit OUR lifestyle and family dynamics wonderfully, but they are not the breed for everyone. By doing your research and being realistic, and responsible we can avoid pups/and families being unhappy because of inappropriate matchups, and avoid the stress and other issues that can result from a pup being passed around from home to home.  We expect our puppies homes to be their FOREVER homes.  This VIDEO gives a great, honest, unbiased run down of what to expect with this breed.

We also love INSTAGRAM and how it enables us to stay better in touch with our pups. We’ve always asked all our families to keep in touch, and send pictures, but Instagram has made it so much easier.  So if you have instagram and use it regularly already we just ask that when they post pictures of their pup that they hashtag it with: #idealvizsla so that we can not only see the pups as they grow but littermates families can also keep in touch with one another.  This POST shows some of the great moments we were able to share in with our Vizsla family! Ginger and Rusty sure made some good looking dogs, and they all found phenomenal families!

View our previous POST to see more pictures of both Ruby and Rusty.  They are going make some amazing pups!


RUSTY our Sire!



And RUBY our new Dam!

We love our Vizsla Family!


And all of our extended Vizsla family!

If you are interested in reserving a pup, or talking more with us about the breed, and what adding a Vizsla to your family may entail please contact us via email: ingridlouwheezer@gmail.com or phone: 303-842-4041 INGRID/JEFF

Females are $900.00, and Males are $800.00, and deposits to reserve are 1/2 down. So $450 (f), and $400(m).

This Cost Includes:

-Dew Claw Removal      -Tail Docking    -First Round Shots     -AKC Registration         

-3 Generation Pedigree     -Thumbdrive w/Picture & Videos of first 8 weeks

-Copy of our How To Train Your Vizsla Packet (collection of general and breed specific tips and tricks for caring for your pup and it’s wide range of needs)

-And of course our constant support!  We are always here for our families concerns and questions and do what we can to help!  We also have offered boarding for our more local pups at a modest rate.

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