Sunday, December 7, 2014

Rusty and Ruby are Expecting….

If you have been following the blog you may have seen me mention our new dam RUBY.  Ginger is officially retired (spayed)! Just as we were planning Ginger’s retirement we were led to a beautiful new dam to continue providing the Midwest with ideal vizslas! Ruby and Rusty mated the 2nd week of March, and we monitored their mating, and are hoping to know in the next few weeks or so if this mating stuck. Let’s take a look at our new dam. 
Ain’t she beautiful!

She has been the perfect addition to our family!  Ginger has been so full of life and pizazz since Ruby joined us, and can’t seem to get enough of her new playmate.  Ruby has the funniest little personality! She is JUST like Rusty in so many ways.  They love playing tug-of-war, and Rusty is being given a run for his money.  Ruby isn’t just beautiful, but physicality-wise she is a super high quality Vizsla.  Her agility and speed is crazy!  We thought Rusty could clear some high jumps, but Ruby doesn’t bat an eye at anything and just does it with such ease! She is an aggressive kisser just like Rusty and will lick your face off if you let her! Ruby looks so much like Rusty in the face, so much so, that if the lighting is poor i will get them mixed up.

Here you can see how similar their head shapes are (both are the soft faced Vizslas).  Ear and eye settings are practically identical.


We are currently accepting deposits on puppies.  We have deposits on 2 males at this time.  Pick is determined by the order in which we receive deposits.  Males are $800.00 and Females are $900.00.  Deposit amount is half of total purchase price ($400-male deposit, and $450.00-female deposit) and remaining balance is paid upon pick up.  We interview our families so as to find the best and most appropriate homes for our pups. Please contact us via phone or email:
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