Thursday, July 24, 2014

Ginger & Rusty’s are having their 4th and FINAL litter…


Ginger is our dam, doesn’t she look oh so THRILLED to be pregnant with 7-8 pups?! (Having had 3 kids myself I can relate with how i felt in those final days of pregnancy)  Don’t let this expression fool you though, she really loves being a mommy, and is such a good one at that.  She’s always so attentive to her little ones, and LOVES to wrestle with them once they get a little older.  This will be her FINAL litter. She had her first litter shortly after turning 2, another just after her 3rd birthday and the last litter just after turning 4. Having a litter takes its toll on their body. We want Ginger to have a great quality of life. Not breeding after 6 years of age also ensures the greatest litter health as well.  We’ve been so happy with the quality of their litters, and equally impressed with the quality of families that have embraced them!


Rusty is our Sire and such a handsome fella.  He really enjoys being a daddy too. It always takes a little while for Ginger to allow Rusty near the pups, but his curiosity and concern is always so endearing even from a distance. It’s super fun to watch his pups try and rough him up as well!  Rusty is really such a baby and the biggest kisser!



We truly love this breed and all they have to offer. If you’re interested in the breed, and are thinking of adding one to your family then we suggest you do your research.  Here’s a fun video that sums up the Vizsla rather well.  We really like to get a feel for those inquiring about our litters. We want to make sure you’re aware of what you’re signing up for, that you are a good fit for the breed, and can offer an environment where these pups can truly thrive. To help our pups along we provide an in depth training pamphlet for our families and of course make sure we’re available to answer any questions along the way and offer any support we can.  We’ve  come up with a nice set up that helps prepare and potty train our pups before they transfer into their forever homes. 

From day one our pups are in the “whelping box” this is where Ginger actually delivers the pups and then cares for them from then on out. There are two areas: there is the play/sleep area and the potty area, these two areas are separated by a wall but are connected by a doorway.

                    whelping box


Puppies are already ingrained with the want to potty in an area away from where they sleep, and having a designated spot for that is great.  They get used to getting up going out a “door” and going to a separate area as well .As you can see the potty area is covered by a grate.  This allows all of their waste to drop into a tub that makes for easier cleanup and cuts down on stench.

whelping box aerial    whelping box1

Then the third part of our system is an outdoor “potty platform”. Within the initial potty area of the whelping box there is another door an “exterior door” that leads to an outdoor potty platform.   Some of these pictures show it filled with sod. This was in hopes to help them get used to going potty in the grass, but this proved to be difficult to clean and maintain. So we have switched to just a rough surface that we can hose down instead.  These puppies get plenty of outdoor play time in, in the yard but we like having an enclosed potty platform for them (we have lots of wild life out here in the country and don’t want any Hawks, etc carrying off our little pups) So this is an area they can use unsupervised.

potty platform door Potty Platform

potty platform2

A view of the platform all opened up for cleaning purposes. (of course we no longer have the sod installed)


We are taking deposits on pups considering Ginger will be having her pups Any Day/ Any Moment!  Deposits are $400.00. This amount goes towards the total $800.00 per pup. Please give us a call at 303-842-4041 (ask for Ingrid or Jeff) or send us a detailed email to ingridlouwheezer@gmail.com or jeffharris1228@gmail.com

We will be updating the blog as often as possible, however considering we have a new born ourselves time is not necessarily of abundance. We will be posting pictures and short videos via INSTAGRAM  (user: INGRIDLOUWHEEZER) more frequently. We hashtag all our photos #idealvizsla.  There you can also see photos and videos that families from our previous litters post on the regular.

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