Sunday, December 7, 2014

Litter 4 Updates….

So there were a few family pictures that hadn’t made their way onto my previous post. So here I am posting a picture of each Litter 4 pup with their new family, or updated pictures their families have sent me. Along with a little snippet of how their doing!


Magenta-pumpkin fam



“Pumpkin is doing awesome!!! We have her pretty much potty trained and she loves going to the park across from our house. She's also loving our runs and I'm trying to leash train her as well. There isn't anyone that meets her that doesn't fall in love:)”

RUBY- New name is PUMPKIN

day of pickup….


“All is well! We just love her! Last week at her shots, she weighed in at 19lbs 4ozs”




then they got their family christmas card pictures taken….





“She is doing great! We love her so much. We have been working a lot on training. She is learning come, place, sit, go to bed. She's a quick learner”




“Hello there!  Just wanted to touch base with you guys and give you a puppy update. Clifford is fitting in fantastically. Our other dog Bernard is teaching him to be a great dog. We have him currently enrolled in puppy training classes and he loves them. We take him for walks daily and he desperately wants to be friends with the sheep in our neighborhood.  I hope all is well. Thanks!”

CLOVER- New name is HUSKER

His momma came and picked him up and took him back to Colorado and here is the family all together!




“I thought I would send a couple of pictures of Husker the we took recently.  He is doing well and the kids are having a lot fun with him!!  He still loves leaves and eats about anything off the ground he can find and will not leave you alone until you give him an ice cube when you fill your glass!  He weighs 28 pounds as of today and people at the vet love him because he is so friendly.  I can’t wait for him to lose all his puppy teeth but other than that is doing very well.”



COAL- New name is DEISEL


“Just an update on diesel, he is fully potty trained for the past month he goes out on his own and at night never needs to go out just sleeps in his kennel. He is weighing in at 25 lbs last night. He eats a lot of dog food.He has been chewing away on everything to deer antlers to the couch and drywall. He is every smart he can sit, stay, heel and crawl.”


day of pickup…


Leisel on Halloween!

image1 (1)

“Liesel is doing great. At almost 30 pounds she is growing like a weed. She is playful and sweet. She is quite the snuggler. We are in love with her and she has been a great addition to our family. This is from today with her new sisters Pumpkin (beagle/dachshund) and Annabelle (border collie).”



and when i asked how she likes her new siblings they said “She loves them both but is particularly snugly with our small dog.  :)”


TEAL- New name is ARKOS

pickup day….


This was their update a few days after picking Arkos up…

“It’s amazing how quickly ARKOS has acclimated to our family, he’s chasing the our cat, sleeping on us and following all of us around the house. We are so impressed with how wonderfully of a job your family has done with his development. ARKOS is essentially potty trained and for the most part sleeps through the entire night.  He recognizes his name and simple commands, such as, no biting, let’s go potty he’s learning so quickly. After we had friends and family visit with ARKOS on Sunday, we had to take ARKOS to the emergency vet on Sunday night because his right eye swelled up. Vet said the injury was trauma related, minor, and that in a few days the swelling should subside”

SKY- New name is Buckaroo or “BUCK

“I am finally sending you pictures. They were taken this morning from my phone, so they're not as good as I'd like, but you can see how beautiful (!) Buck is.  We live in a flat agricultural area, so our weekend walks are on levees, next to irrigation ditches.  Buck weighed in at 21 pounds on Thursday, November 6.  For perspective, our cattle dog, Trixie, is about 35 pounds and she's in the final picture.  The two dogs are getting along well.  We've been taking a puppy training class with Buck and he's a quick learner, gets along with other dogs and people well, and so forth--so far so good.  He eats and chews on EVERYTHING and we are constantly on our toes.  We have a sock of yours, by the way, it showed up a week after he got here :)Hope all is well with you and yours”






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