Sunday, July 27, 2014

Day 1 Is Always Fun!

We had an x-ray done a week before whelping. The vet told me definitely 7 pups, I was pretty sure I saw 8.  I thought for sure we’d have the pups that following Tuesday or Wednesday (Jeff guessed Saturday all along).  Saturday morning as I was feeding the older 2 kids breakfast Ginger started her panting, so I figured that the day had come, but you never really know how fast they’re going to progress through the stages.  I ran around just to make sure I had everything I needing for the delivery.  I then proceeded to tend to my kiddos changing diapers, and feeding the baby incase things happened sooner rather than later. As I was feeding baby Artisan Ginger kept whining at the doggy door to go outside….I was thinking ‘yeah I’m going to have to accompany her out there so we don’t have any pups in the back lawn.’ I went with her, she did her business, and quickly ran inside. I get inside right behind her, and she is already in her whelping box laying down.  I look in there and she has started contractions! Holy Moly girl!  So I called a friend of our to come help be my 2nd set of hands since Jeff wouldn’t be home for at least another 3 hours.  Even though Ginger was in the throws of labor when our friend got here and rang the door bell, Ginger leaps out of the whelping box, runs to the door to greet our guest (bum wiggling all the while).  Shortly after jumping back into the whelping box she had pup number 1.  I’m pretty sure that’s not the type of welcoming party I would carry out that far into labor….but that’s a VIZSLA for ya!
Anywho pup’s in birth order
1.- Magenta (female)
2.- Royal (Male)
3.-Lilac (Female)
4. Ruby (Female)
5.Sky (Male)
6.Teal (Male)
7.Coal (Male)
8.Clover (Male)
9.Pumpkin (Female)
9 puppies! Crazy right. We were thinking 7-8.  However Lilac and Sky are both about half the weight of our largest pup. Lilac came out and I was thinking ‘wow she’s little’ and then when Sky came out and was even SMALLER, it got me wondering if these 2 were from a later litter (you can have multiple litters within litters, they just have different conception dates, because a female is in heat for so many days) These two were just sooo much smaller than the rest but similar in weight to one another, and then the other 7 pups were similar to one another in weight.  This also would explain why we didn’t see these pups in the x-ray because they’re bones may not have been calcified at that point.  I’m just glad they were developed enough to make it! We’re so glad that they’re finally here and healthy. Ginger is ecstatic and is being her usually dedicated motherly self!
Look at that sweet face!
20140726-IMG_6167        20140726-IMG_6227
Rusty has been camping out nearby, making sure not to miss out on all the action! He’s so alert and reactive to every little puppy peep.
It really is such a treat being audience to such a beautiful part of creation.  We feel honored to help secure and perpetuate this wonderful breed! 
20140726-IMG_6154         20140726-IMG_6164
 20140726-IMG_6226       20140726-IMG_6165
If interested in this litter please contact us via phone at : 303-842-4041
or by email: ingridlouwheezer@gmail.com
PRICING as follows….
$400.00 deposit required to reserve puppy
$800.00 per puppy ( $400.00 deposit is deducted from the total)
$800.00 includes:
-Purebred Vizsla puppy (male or female)
-Tail Docking, and Dew Claw Removal
-3 Generation Pedigree
-AKC registration
-1 year health waranty
-1st round of shots, and Veterinary signed clearance of good health
-CD/Thumbdrive of photos/videos taken of your pup from birth-8 weeks
* We begin the potty training of your pups, pups are mostly potty trained or at the least well prepared for final stages of potty training by the time they are transferred to your care.

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