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      We’ll start first with our sad news, then we’ll do our puppy spotlights and funny pictures so we can end this post on a happy note! Our sweet little Lilac didn’t make it.  She was our tiny tiny runt. She thrived the first day (feeding rigorously, simultaneously with the other pups), then suddenly became lethargic and uninterested in breastfeeding.  We immediately took action and offered a bottle which she wasn’t super interested in, so we began syringe feeding. By the next morning she was interested in breastfeeding again. I was soo hopeful! She did great for the first half of that day and started to deteriorate again.  I kept up with syringe feeding since she seemed turned off to nipple feeding.  I kept a close eye on her weight she had lost a good amount but was slowly regaining. She even began bottle feeding at each feeding.  It seemed that every time she seemed to have an awesome improvement she would be on the brink of death again. I was on top of keeping her warm with a heating pad, feeding her the suggested amounts every 3 hours, then when other issues arose i lowered the amounts but fed more frequently. She was fighting to live.  Each feeding she became more and more eager to nipple feed (I was trying not to get my hopes up, but then again couldn’t give up on her), though she was eating she continued to look more and more emaciated. She would cry all the time.  She needed fluids I could tell she was dehydrated.  I was told to keep up what I was doing, but it didn’t seem like enough. The local vet was booked 2 days straight and couldn’t fit us in… I was losing hope. I contacted our vet from Colorado which we LOVED, and he had wonderful ideas of cause and treatment.  We wish we could have taken her to him (or perhaps thought to contact him sooner)  His advice gave me renewed hope and I finally got an appointment with another vet. Just a half hour before her appointment though Lilac vomited up her feeding from 2 hours prior and aspirated.  It was tough, and I was an utter mess. I didn’t realize it was going to be this tough.  It kills me when people talk about breeders being heartless and having no respect for animals.  It felt like I was losing a life long friend, and I felt I had failed Ginger.  It is because of our love and respect for this breed that we DO breed.  Two tender mercies happened for me that day though.  As I was completely beside myself as Lilac was taking her last breaths (and as I tried suctioning her long after I knew she was dead) Ginger comforted ME.  She licked the tears rolling down my cheeks and nudged me with her nose as if to say “thank you, you tried, it’ll all be okay”  I then left Lilac in the whelping box so that Ginger could say goodbye and truly adjust to what had happened.  When we went back a little while later to get Lilac to bury her she had the BIGGEST smile on her face. She was no longer in pain, and her worries were over.  She was in a better place.  Although this is a very sad situation Lilac taught me some things in her short time here.  Let’s not take for granted these furry friends of ours and shower them with the love they most certainly deserve.


She was my favorite from day one!  A few people had asked me if we were going to keep one of the pups, this being Ginger and Rusty’s last litter together.  I had secretly thought to myself…’well if i were to keep one i’d want it to be Lilac’




Her sweet little littermates trying to keep her warm. We saw a lot of this the last few days.


They talk about the bonding that happens between a mother and baby when she feeds them.  I feel like there was a special bond made between us during these feedings, even at 2 am when I desperately wanted to be sleeping.

Some may have seen my ode to LILAC on Instagram a few days ago….


I told Jeff we should plant a lilac bush over where she is buried! 

Now let’s take a look at the rest of these little boogers that are keeping us busy!  Although no where near as busy as little Ms. Ginger. She really is “mother of the year” material.



I get overwhelmed caring for one little baby some days and she’s got 8!


We love how you never know what to expect to see when you peek in on the puppies…..but regardless of what you find you’re rarely ever disappointed. Sometimes the scene is quite sweet, and full of warm cuddling puppies.




  20140805-IMG_6521      20140805-IMG_6554

20140805-IMG_6531                    20140806-IMG_6562

Other times it can appear like a complete feeding frenzy in which they are partaking of what they seem to think will be their last meal EVER!


20140805-IMG_6523       20140806-IMG_6589

Even on a canabolistic level….


My favorites are when you look in and it seems like they partied hard ALL night and you’re witnessing the aftermath of it all.





And some partied a little harder than others…


….and must resort to the fetal position.


Obviously these pups really are entertaining, and only continue to get more so by the day. They have started walking around (which can appear a little drunken at times) which is helped by their eyes opening.  They all tend to open their eyes over a period of a few days and yesterday the process began.  This morning a few had completely opened eyes.  Some just a crack, but my favorite was Magenta who just happens to be first in the line of birth order.  She has a little case of Popeye Syndrome. One eye noticeably more open than the other! Seriously hilarious…..


I have a feeling she’ll be cured  of her Popeye Syndrome soon. Perhaps within the day.


















To see more regular updates on the pups check out #idealvizsla photos on INSTAGRAM. you can see pups from this and prior litters on there.


If interested in this litter please contact us via phone at : 303-842-4041
or by email: ingridlouwheezer@gmail.com
PRICING as follows….
$400.00 deposit required to reserve puppy
$800.00 per puppy ( $400.00 deposit is deducted from the total)
$800.00 includes:
-Purebred Vizsla puppy (male or female)
-Tail Docking, and Dew Claw Removal
-3 Generation Pedigree
-AKC registration
-1 year health waranty
-1st round of shots, and Veterinary signed clearance of good health
-CD/Thumbdrive of photos/videos taken of your pup from birth-8 weeks
* We begin the potty training of your pups, pups are mostly potty trained or at the least well prepared for final stages of potty training by the time they are transferred to your care.



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