Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Time for an update…..

A week and a half has already flown by.  The puppies are practically walking now, and their eyes starting opening last night.  They’re all happy and healthy and growing steady.  Below are some funny tidbits from the last week or so. I forgot how distracting these little cuties could be…….
At this time we only have 1-female available, and 3-males available.
If you are unfamiliar with the breed please watch this excellent video. It’s right on the money with what to expect with a vizsla. http://animal.discovery.com/videos/dogs-101-vizsla.html
Also puppies started opening their eyes last night….sooo pictures of the puppies little peepers coming soon!
IMG_7481   IMG_7448
I am forever getting funny pictures of this guy…. STILL AVAILABLE!
IMG_7496  IMG_7742
Little Lavender is our little supermodel. Soooo photogenic.  RESERVED.
IMG_7479  IMG_7517
Jade is the fatty of the group, he loves feeding time!……STILL AVAILABLE!
IMG_7466  IMG_7323
Rose is a little cuddlebug-ALWAYS nestled up to someone……..RESERVED.
IMG_7485  IMG_7539
Mommy’s girl. Loves cuddling up with Ginger. ……..RESERVED.
IMG_7491   IMG_7312
Such a tender laid back guy. Loves chillin with his sisters!……STILL AVAILABLE!
Random shots of the crew…..
They LOVE eachother!
II told you Jade doesn’t mess around when it comes to feeding time….
IMG_7550   IMG_7325
Puppy piles.
IMG_7734     IMG_7625_2
Curious Daddy likes to check on the puppers in their whelping box, but still keeps it real by playing in the backyard.
IMG_7300   IMG_7649
And of course our son Kalvin likes to love on the puppies as well.
Well thanks for viewing. Continue to check back and see how the puppies are doing, and who is still available.
If interested email us at: jeffharris1228@gmail.com or ingridlouwheezer@gmail.com
or call us at : 303-842-2632  or 303-842-4041
Puppies are $700.00 a piece including a $350.00 deposit to reserve a puppy.

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