Thursday, September 20, 2012

Backyard Fieldtrip

Today the weather was BEAUTIFUL, and these little puppies are officially 4 weeks old. So to celebrate we took our first little fieldtrip into the backyard.  They LOVED it!  They whimpered some, but were so busy being curious about all the UNKNOWNS.
IMG_8317   IMG_8391
IMG_8378IMG_8349  IMG_8331
 IMG_8388  IMG_8344  IMG_8382 IMG_8364  IMG_8325
 IMG_8395  IMG_8384
Lots of new experiences for these puppies- they got their first taste of puppy food, and they APPROVE!
Couldn’t resist posting this handsome shot of BRONZE who is STILL AVAILABLE.
Bronze is solid except one small white spot on his back right paw. He’s the cuddliest of the bunch, and just the sweetest little guy!
As promised here are some  videos of the crew….

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