Monday, September 17, 2012

Busy Busy….

-We have 1 male available (BRONZE)
Well these little puppies have been busy busy.  They’re practically running!  When they’re not wrestling with one another, or growling and jumping at their own shadows, they’re using the Potty Area of their whelping box!  We’re really excited about how well this new whelping is working and how much easier it is to keep their play and potty areas clean. I think Ginger is happy about it too, she’s able to catch her breath.
Okay enough about the whelping box already….you want to see the cute stuff. Like little vizsla puppies! No worries we have an over abundance of pictures this week.  While the puppies have been busy show casing their new abilities and individual personalities we’ve also been busy trying to capture it as best we can!
First off our usual spotlighting of the pups in birth order….
AQUA: This guy is well rounded, he’s always up for wrestling, or cuddling with his nearest sibling. 
   IMG_8199  IMG_8198
LAVENDER: Little miss priss. One of the more vocal ones, I like to think she’s just speaking her mind. Oh and always ready to pose for the camera.
IMG_8218  IMG_8223
JADE:  The biggest and most rambunctious boy. I think he’ll be really easy to train he’s already trying to be the best at EVERYTHING.
IMG_8202  IMG_8206
ROSE: Is she pointing already? This lady is smart, and probably the most consistent at using the potty area. A spit fire though, always on the move!
IMG_8231 IMG_8235
CRIMSON: Now isn’t she just a doll. It may be hard to believe but she’s even sweeter than she looks!
IMG_8217   IMG_8214 
BRONZE: This guy is as laid back as they come! Cuddling is his specialty. I think he could be just what your family is missing! -STILL AVAILABLE-
IMG_8192   IMG_8190
Let the entertainment begin!
IMG_7942     IMG_8013
               momma’s boy…                                                   comfy?
IMG_8040       IMG_8003
               “hey macarena!”                                            tiny tooshies!
IMG_8000     IMG_8053
“No one better lay a paw on my rawhide!”                     Nightly Weigh Ins
  IMG_7981   IMG_7952   IMG_8125
                                           Spine balancing-the latest vizsla trend…
IMG_8048    IMG_8127
                  O.C.D. much?                                 One of these things is not like the others
IMG_8109          IMG_8152\
                                              Vizslas. It’s what’s for dinner.
IMG_8128        IMG_8139
           What’chu looking at?                                     MUAH HAHAH AHAHAHA!
   IMG_8165     IMG_8179
                                                Precious Puppers
                                        Feeding Time is like Black Friday!
Check back again soon for videos of all the little vizsla shenanigans.
CONTACT US if interested in the  1 MALE AVAILABLE  (Bronze)
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