Thursday, July 28, 2011

Partners In Crime….

It may not have been love at first sight, but these two have grown to love eachother soooo much.  Ginger was super excited for a new little playmate when we went to get rusty.  When she realized he was staying for good-she kept her distance for a few days.  It didn’t take long for Rusty to win her over though.  She LOVES having someone to wrestle with, and they make pretty good cuddle buddies.

                    Picture 5

Now these two lovebirds hate being seperated.  If one ends up on the other side of a door from the other they both will lay right next to the door so they can be as close to eachother as possible and they will sniff under the door vigorously, and some whining occurs.  But when they are reunited you would think they had been apart for weeks.

                  Picture 4

They love running water….sometimes they will sit right infront of the vanity and look at us, and then the sink, back at us, back to the sink. This is their way of saying “I would like some running water please.” , and who could deprive them when they’re so cute?

             Running Water Feins

They truly do love eachother, and enjoy doing everything together.The perfect vizsla team. I love how they look like they’re holding hands with their paws crossed.  If people took notes on their storybook romance……

                              They Loves Eachother

Excuse my delightful expression in this one. I was about 6 months pregnant and was halfway asleep with the puppers, when Jeff pulled out the camera…..just another example of how loving they are.

                                Picture 7

Then Kalvin our little baby boy joined the mix, and now we’re one big happy family!


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