Thursday, July 28, 2011

The New Guy: Rusty Joins The Crew

So we didn’t have Ginger too long before we decided we needed another one.  We wanted a boy this time, and we were interested in breeding them. So we made sure we found another breeder, and were put on a waiting list.  Before we knew it, we got a call and Rusty was ready to join the family as well…..and to even things out Rusty became a momma’s boy.

                     Picture 3

From day one Rusty was a licker and a cuddler. 

               Picture 2

And more than willing to humor me.

                          Picture 14

Like Ginger, Rusty like to be involved in EVERYTHING you do.  Going to the bathroom is no exception.  He would often climb into our pants while we were using the restroom.  How much more lovable can a puppy get!

                   Potty Pant Napper

Rusty caught onto potty training very quickly as well.  Infact 4 days after we got him we had to go on a road trip to a family reunion in KS (an 8 hour drive) He had zero accidents in the car.  And we were staying in a hotel on the 13th floor!  He was able to communicate when he needed to go, and hold it for a walk to the elevator, and elevator ride 12 stories down and make it outside every time. It was awesome….although I definitely got my exercise in.

                    Picture 16

And here’s our big handsome boy. He is full of energy but still cuddles with his momma every chance he gets…..

                      RUSTY'S REGISTRATION PHOTO

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