Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ginger Joins The Family

I had been a little down in the dumps and I was home from work because of the first blizzard of the year. Jeff thought it would cheer me up if we went to look and play with some puppies.  Well looking quickly turned into purchasing and bringing home “Ginger”. She won us over immediately and continues to do so daily. Ginger is such a sweet heart, and we quickly found she was a daddy’s girl.  Just a couple days after bringing her home, Jeff was taking a bath after a long days work and Ginger climbed in with him. I guess being right beside the bathtub wasn’t close enough.  She always wants to be part of what we’re doing and right by our side. This is a vizsla trait at it’s finest.

                 Picture 18

Ginger has been a little smarty pants since the day we brought her home.  She was potty trained within the first 3-4 days we had her. We trained her to ring a bell when she needed to go outside and go potty. From day one she was a daddy’s girl and it hasn’t changed a bit over time.……

                  Picture 9

               Picture 17

Another thing about Ginger that we noticed right off the bat is she’s a “poser”.  She loved having her picture taken, and would strike poses.  Ginger is definitely one elegant lady.

                               Picture 3

We love taking the dogs to the Reservoir. They have a big off leash dog area that has a creek running through it.  Ginger loves chasing twigs through the waterl…..

                       Picture 111

As part of being a hunting dog Ginger is very intrigued by other animals: birds, squirrels, cats, horses, etc.  She would try and claw her way up the trees to play with her little friends. So Jeff helped her out, and she loved it.

                       Picture 30

Ginger heard some dogs coming towards us so she is lying in wait here……actually she was supposed to be going potty and got distracted but I wasn’t letting her go play with the dogs so she was trying to get as close to them as possibly- thus her desperately laying on the ground!

                           Picture 1

Ginger had to stay over night at the vet. And of course the first thing she did was make up for lost time, and got her cuddle on with Jeff.  

               Picture 6

Ginger loves to lay on our window seat and watch people walk by, but she especially loves when a squirrel or bird is hanging out in the yard.


Our little beauty!


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