Thursday, October 20, 2011

Technical Difficulty...

I am so sorry for the famine of updates, the camera broke a week and half ago, and so i haven't really been able to get any pictures or videos of the pups. Which is oh so sad since they are constantly doing things that I absolutely adore. However I will update you on their wonderful developments. They are all getting sooo big.  Yellow is so big that our scale no longer registers his weight because he's over the max weight.  Also they have become so adorable running around, wrestling, growling at each other.  They are really starting to act like Vizslas now a days they come running whenever they hear or see us.

Also the pups are doing almost all of their pottying outside.  We leave the door open for them, and then when we have the door closed off at night they use the pee pads.  They are smart little boogers.  Infact Yellow has been paying attention to mom and dad- he rang the bell the other day, and waited by the door till Jeff let him out, and then went out there to potty.  Hopefully the other pups will follow suit soon!

In regards to their development- they are completely weened!  As for the behaviors, they are right on schedule.  We're working on no biting or chewing on anything other than toys, but there are 7 of them and only one of us most of the time since Jeff works, but they will get it once they are home with their new families and have more one on one time.  Also they will be 8 weeks Oct. 25th, and that is when they will start going to their new homes.  They are getting their first round of shots tomorrow the 21st.   Well I'm excited for the little puppies to move on to their new homes, and for their families to get to know them, shower them with love and experience the fun stuff I get to see them do on a daily basis.

For other viewers I invite you to stay tuned for future litters, and updates on the canine loves of our lives!

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