Monday, October 31, 2011

And Then There Was One…..

Six of our original 7 pups, have moved onto their new homes!  And the last one will be going to her new home when her family gets back into town. It's been a bittersweet experience watching all our little ones departing. Exciting to see them move on, to their very own loving families to start a new life, but yet it's a little sad not having all these crazy cute vizsla’s running around.
Developementally the pups were doing soooo well.  They were doing most of their pottying outside, the only time they go inside is at night when they are down in the puppy area alone, and not given access outside in which case they use the potty pads.  They have been making it through the night though the past couple weeks, and have started ringing the bell in the morning and I come down and let them all out.  I think that has been the most surprising development-their use of the bell.  We really wanted to try and work on the potty training as much as possible to make their transitions into the new homes easier for their families.  However with 7 puppies it seemed a little overwhelming, but having the bell in their dog area and learning by example from Ginger and Rusty ringing the bell to go outside, it seems to have made an effect.  Now they will obviously still need some help and coaxing once in the their new homes. 
It is so sad that my camera has been broken, because I’ve missed a lot of cute things, that I’m sure you all would have rather enjoyed.  However I was able to find some pictures on the memory card that had not been posted and touched my heart, and I was able to get a few good pictures through other means.  This truly has been a wonderful experience and we look forward to keeping in touch with all the families that have become part of our vizsla family.  We will be posting pictures of all the pups with their new families soon!
These two were quite the pals, cuddle buddies, wrestling buddies, and trouble making buddies.  So adorable the bond between these two! 
Kalvin has loved the puppies, and giggles at almost everything they do nowadays.
We’ve really tried to expose the dogs to as many things as possible. Babies, children of all ages, noises, and other animals. 
The last picture taken of them all together…
The puppies all really enjoyed playing in the garden.
 Alta (Pink) has been such a crazy/feisty girl, but can be just sooo sweet. We truly will miss her!
Yellow is so calm comparatively.  Everyday they look less and less like puppies and more and more like adult vizslas.  I love these little boogers!
One thing I have really loved about Ginger and Rusty is they both have green eyes. Ginger’s are kind of a mix of chesnut and green, and then Rusty has these light but fierce green eyes.  So each pup has such a unique but beautiful form of green.  Although Yellow’s eyes haven’t changed from blue yet, but I’m sure they will be beautiful little peepers.
He stole my seat! I think Dark Blue has some Rusty in him.  This is something Rusty has always done. I’ll get up from the couch or from the bed, anywhere really and he will steal my spot as soon as I get up. 
I guess the main things that are transitioning these guys from looking so much like pups is they’ve gotten their legs.  They have such long slender legs (supermodel legs if you will) and their ears have practially quadrupled in the last couple weeks. 
We have been so grateful for this opportunity, and already have so many interested in our next litter. Which will not be having one however for atleast another year.  But we are truly grateful for all of the wonderful homes that have been opened up to these deserving puppies.  Vizsla’s truly are an amazing breed, and we have no doubt that the families of this litter are more than qualified to care and shower these pups with love, and provide them with all that they stand in need of.  We’re grateful for the friendships we’ve made with them, and excited to keep in touch and watch as these pups learn and grow, and really become a special part of someone’s family. 
Family photos of each pup coming soon!

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