Thursday, September 8, 2011


In birth order we will show each puppy and talk about their development and anything else we think you may want to know….

Birth Weight: 15.2 oz.      Current Weight: 31.35 oz.
Yellow was the biggest of the group and has continued to hold that title.
He is sooo cute and chubby.  Yellow has white on his chest similar to the markings of ginger and rusty.  And as you can see he has a little on the toes of his back feet.  From day one he has been a climber, sneaking out of the doggy bed, and getting Ginger worked up.


Birth Weight: 14.00 oz.           Current Weight: 25.80 oz.
Green was the 3rd largest pup from birth but is now 4th.  He is the darkest of the lot by a couple shades-so he will definitely be a dark boy.  Green has some white on the chest and the toes of both back paws.  He already seems to have such a personality, he really reminds me sooo much of Rusty!  I think this little guy will be a lot of fun! A Deposit was placed on Green and he has met his new family: Tammy, Connor, and Lauren congrats!  

Birth Weight: 13.70 oz.     Current Weight: 23.80 oz.
Orange is one pretty lady.  She kind of goes with the flow, she’s not as aggressive as the others, which leads me to believe that she’ll be pretty easy to train (well vizsla’s are already easy to train so she’ll work extra hard to please you)  Orange has a very tiny spot of white on the chest, and on her back left paw. 
Orange has been reserved. Brandon Sanchez and family congrats on this lovely lady joining your family! She truly is a sweatheart.

Birth Weight: 14.35 oz        Current Weight: 29.90 oz
Light Blue has been the second heaviest since birth, but has definitely tried giving yellow a run for his money.  He’s a little chunker, and our lightest shade of red puppy. And through looking him over we’ve found no real visible white markings-making him our only solid pup. Light Blue was trying to open his eyes last night during weigh ins.  He is the first we’ve seen trying to do that. He seems like he will be a definite cuddler. 

Birth Weight: 13.40 oz        Current Weight: 28.00 oz
Purple is currently our biggest girl.  Purple has no chest markings but does have a very small amount of white on both back paws. She is one of our more active ladies, and can usually be found cuddling it up with one of her brothers.  She has probably made us laugh the most with her funny sleeping positions, and behaviors. Later in the post you can watch a funny video of her during a feeding. Brady and family fell in love with purple and are excited about this sweetie and can't wait to bring her home- and placed their deposit on her, so purple is no longer available. 

Birth Weight: 11.40 oz       Current Weight: 25.80 oz
Dark Blue started out as the smallest of the group but has outgained 2 of our girls and has caught up with Green.   He is the sweetest boy I think, and enjoys squeezing into tight spots-like under or behind his momma, so I’m guessing he’ll be quite the cuddler. Dark Blue has a little white on his chest, and a small spot on the toes of both back feet and his front right paw.  

Birth Weight: 11.55 oz           Current Weight: 24.05 oz
Pink was by far the hardest to get a good solo picture of.  Not because she’s not as cute as the others, because I think she is one of the cutest, but because she is SOOOOO active.  She was standing up on her legs and walking all over the place]- so most of her pictures were blurry or she completely walked out of the frame.  So you want a determined little lady?- pink is for you.  Pink has white on the chest but none on her paws.  She’s a climber, cuddler, she does it all.  This is a pup you’ll want to keep an eye on. In early November Pink will be joining Carolyn & Erich and become the newest addition to their home.  Sorry Pink is no longer available! 

Now for some cute group shots of the bunch…..          
Green and Yellow are little partners in crime. We were constantly finding Ginger frantically trying to usher them back into the doggy bed with her.  Those faces are just tooo cute! Definitely love how wrinkly vizsla pups are…
Pups are packed up and ready to get their tails docked and dew claws removed.  Dr. Ralston did such as awesome job with these little wigglers.
Look at that pretty momma!  Ginger has been sooo good with these little stinkers.  And she has been sooo awesome and trusting letting all our potential puppy buyers hold the pups and get a good close look at them.
Feeding Frenzy
So cute how the puppies knead Ginger.  This time however it appeared that Purple was petting another puppy.  Made us chuckle.


  1. I cannot believe how cute they are! I wish I could hold them and smell their "puppy breath". :)

  2. I can't wait to come over tomorrow and meet all of you, my kids are so excited, but honestly I think I'm the biggest kid!

  3. We are so thrilled! It was a pleasure meeting your whole family. Thanks!