Monday, September 26, 2011

4 Weeks Tomorrow!

First off I will annouce that we only have 1 puppy available. Yellow (a male) is the only one left-so don’t wait or it may be too late! Puppies will be ready to join their new families in approx. 4 weeks…. Now for updates and some photos of these cutie-pa-tooties.
IMG_1779        IMG_1807
Birth Weight: 15.20 oz                      Current Weight: 85.05 oz
He’s the biggest pup, and probably the biggest lover too! Snuggling is his forte….and guess what he’s still available!

IMG_1664   IMG_1655
Birth Weight: 15.80 oz              Current Weight: 67.75 oz.
It’s hard to get a good head shot of this one….he’s pretty silly! And he has a wonderful family who comes to visit and shower him with love pretty regularly!
   IMG_1852      IMG_1869
Birth Weight: 14.45 oz                   Current Weight: 63.00 oz
She’s currently our smallest pup, but she’s brave-nobody pushes her around. Heck she even tries to wrestle with Rusty! This confident girl has a wonderful family in South Dakota who are very excited to miss this sweet little lady.

Light Blue….
IMG_1838      IMG_1845
Birth Weight: 14.35 oz                 Current Weight: 78.25 oz
This little dude loves to explore and check stuff out-so I’m sure he’ll love doing outdoor things with his family on the western slope!

Birth Weight: 13.40 oz             Current Weight: 74.10 oz
As soon as this little booger is awake she is off to here, there, and everywhere-she can’t stay still even when she’s eating. It’s a good thing Purple likes to keep busy-she’ll be able to keep up with  her Downtown Denver family who love to run!

Dark Blue…
IMG_1825  IMG_1828 
Birth Weight: 13.60 oz         Current Weight: 76.95 oz
This lil mister will melt your heart.  He’s vocal but tender, and he plays sooo well with our 5 1/2 mo old baby. He definately won over his new family and will be living it up in california !

IMG_1895 IMG_1788
Birth Weight: 13.40 oz               Current Weight: 73.65 oz
Don’t let that sweet face fool you-she can be quite fiesty when she wants to be.  She is one of our most active silly pups.  She will be wrestling with our biggest boy one minute and then hopping off to do something else the next minute.  She’s gonna keep her Boulder family on their toes!

Now for some adorable group shots of the sibling love!
Competing for the spotlight already!
Now wait a minute Ginger-we’re not done with you!
Yellow has a good 20 oz on Orange, but that seems to mean nothing to her. She’s no push over!

These cute little faces are gonna make some loving families very happy……and I have to remind myself that we have 2 vizsla’s  already and that’s plenty.
If you are interested in our male Yellow  please contact us at: jeffharris1228@gmail.com or by phone at 303-842-2632.  We would love to speak with you, and have you come visit us, the puppers, and see if it’s a good fit for all!


  1. oh my, love the pics! so adorable! thanks for putting this up. we miss Mr. Green!

  2. Yes! Love the pics! We already miss our boy light blue! Thanks for sharing the pictures, Sara and Joey

  3. Dark blue looks so much like Ginger in that picture! They are all cute, I know you are going to miss them.