Sunday, July 21, 2013

Healing Up Nicely...

Rusty our sire is healing up nicely.  If you know or own a vizsla you probably have an idea about how much he loved all the time he got to spend in the kennel the first few weeks....

We had left him for short periods and he did great. We went to my parents for a few hours to celebrate a birthday, and came home to a pile of shredded up wrappings from his leg.  Then I noticed he had pulled out 6 or so of his staples as well! Gosh darn it.  We were going to the vet the following day for a checkup. We wrapped his leg up tight, and took him in first thing in the morning. There were no issues, they just had to re-staple the bottom of his incision. Ever since then, Rusty has had the pleasure of wearing the "Cone of Shame"

Can't wait 'til our Rusty boy is healed and can freely run, jump, and play w/out us worrying about if he'll hurt himself!

So grateful that this energetic little sweetheart is still here. I love my 4-legged cuddlebug!

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