Thursday, October 4, 2012

Suddenly 6 WEEKS!

     The 6 week mark sure snuck up on us.  The past 6 weeks have flown by for US, but we know it’s slowly passing for their anxious families to get them home!  These puppies are growing and changing by leaps and bounds.  They’re all either using the designated potty area of the whelping box, or letting themselves out the doggy door to go potty.  This bunch is full of little smarties, and so lively!  We’ve been working on “No Biting” and “No Chewing”, and the beginning stages of potty training of course.   I’m sure you’ll notice how much these “puppies” are starting to look like dogs. Their legs are runway quality, and those ears hang almost low enough to tie in a bow!
AQUA- “IGOR”  He is one of our most consistent with pottying outside.  He’ll stop playing and just run outside to go potty.  I bet his new mom and dad are gonna LOVE that about him.  Final stages of potty training should be a breeze for this smarty pants!
LAVENDER- “SAVANAH” She is lightning quick and sneaky.  Anytime I put the food out she’s right there with her siblings "eating", and then I run to the door, and she’s right at my heals trying to follow me out!  EVERYTIME I think –well this time I got away, and she ALWAYS proves me wrong. This little lady is also super great about going potty outside!
JADE- “MURPHY/ MURPHS” This guy LOVES to play!  When he’s not tackling a sibling, he’s chasing me around the backyard.   He really knows how to get that smile on your face with all his silly theatrics. I think Mr. Murphs will keep his family quite entertained!
ROSE- “ASPEN”  This girl is here, there, and everywhere.  She’s is our most active girl, and quite the little spit fire.  She can often be found wrestling with her big brother Murphy, or just speeding across the backyard for fun.  This lady knows how to turn on the charm and act all innocent with her little doe face!
CRIMSON- “ISABEL/IZZY”  This girl has got “UPS”!  The dogs LOVE playing in the sandbox out back (which they usually crawl or hoist themselves in and out of).  Although little miss Izzy completely cleared the wall of it today during a fun little game of peek-a-boo with her brother DUKE.  She is also such a kisser like her dad Rusty.  She will lick your face off if you give her the chance!
BRONZE- “DUKE” Duke LOVES being outside. I think he would stay out there all day if he could.  Infact he lets himself out the doggy door every chance he gets.  He’s extra clever too, and super curious.   He has figured out how to get out of the puppy area- so he comes and says hi all the time! 

IMG_9185       IMG_9188
                     HIGH FIVE!                                      Jean Simmons Double
IMG_9196  IMG_9201
      TRAFFIC JAM                                                BIRD DOG
IMG_9207   IMG_9212
                Just like people we “fight” and then we “kiss and make up”
IMG_9247      IMG_9250
                                         Don’t judge me by how I sleep….
IMG_9148    IMG_9200
                    I’m coming for you!                                        Is this the dinner bell?
This is what I like to call my “puppy dog face”.
IMG_9240   IMG_9236
‘Vizsla Pillows’ are the best!
Toughest looking guard dog I ever saw!
IMG_9225    IMG_9219
Such pretty little puppies!
In just 2 weeks these little ones will be joining their families and just beginning the rest of their lives!   We couldn’t be happier with the group of families we have.  We know that our little vizslas will be well cared for and loved, and most importantly given the lifestyle this breed requires.
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